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Category 2, Racing age 59.  I started racing over 30 years ago.  Since joining CoreTechs in 2011, I’ve finished on the podium (top 3) in 16 races winning 8.

Born in Mankato, MN (cold), Live in Redwood City, CA (not cold)

Wife Kate (my extremely supportive principal sponsor and number 1 fan), My kids are adults - Son Ben, his wife Kelly and my Daughter Catherine (I’m so proud of them!) Plus granddaughter Olivia!

The one and only Palo Alto Noon Ride, PenVelo Ride, Terún Ride, Spectrum and the Stahl Ride when I can make it.

I’m best at controlling the chase when my guys are in a breakaway.  Otherwise, I’m known as the Bull Dog.  I’ll chase anything with wheels (a kid on a tricycle, a competitor in a breakaway, a dump truck, really anything).  I love helping the team win.

I’m retired from the high-tech industry

I like to travel and hang out with Kate.  We like to go trailer “camping” (if bringing a small house with you can still be called camping) and we “might” have a little enthusiasm for wine and fine dining.  I’m also known to enjoy getting out on my mountain bike every once in a while.

To do everything I can to help CoreTechs put a team member on the top of the box.  I’ll always go for the win at the District Championship races.

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