CoreTechs Elite Team

Our mission is to provide a home to the top Pro/ Cat 1/Cat 2 elite (under 35) riders in Northern California.  It is our main focus to channel our passion into being the most successful elite level racers while balancing our careers and personal life. We will race for the good of the team and for each other. This is about enhancing our lives, our cycling enjoyment and our camaraderie. Our ambition is still to win as many races as possible and to compete at the highest level attainable, while still maintaining the fun that cycling brings to all of our lives. Our guys race hard, race often and race at the front of the pack, while still able to smile and laugh with each other and with our competitors.

Nathanael Christensen
Sergei Badeka
Randy Bramblett
Nick Baird
Darin Morgan
Tony Wolf
Jared Barrilleaux
Stephen Cabebe

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