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Category 2

2015 Norcal District Champ - Scratch race

2017 NorCal District Scratch and Points Champ


Portola Valley


Married, son 16, twins 14 son and daughter


Noon Ride regular for at least 10 years and often do the Spectrum ride when "permission" is granted. Now and then I hop on the PV ride or some other local ride. Yeah, I do love the group
ride dynamics and socialization!


Hmm, according to me or others? I suspect I have an over inflated belief in myself, and unrealistic expectation that I can ride with much more talented people.


Staffing! Wow, just typing that I almost fell asleep. Not the best job for small talk, but now and then we like to think we do some good. Mostly we specialize in temp staffing. Oh, and I sponsor a bike team.  




Outside of racing I like to ride my bike. I am not well rounded. Combine biking with the family
life and work and that about takes up most of my time. So i don't sound too simple I will add; I do enjoy coaching my kids football team and reading and studying history.


Raise healthy and happy kids, keep bike racing AND stay married, and build a sustainable
business. Oh, and continue to build the team with guys I like hanging out with.

Andrew Adelman